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Medical/Physics and Chemistry

Physics and Chemistry (Equipment and Consumables)

Total supplier of physics and chemistry equipment and consumables used in various fields in university and corporate research organizations.

Products from Yamato Scientific

General-purpose Physics and Chemistry Equipment from Yamato Scientific

We are contributing to the creation of research infrastructure and comfortable environments by providing general-purpose scientific and industrial equipment, including general-use equipment and testing devices.

Product Lines
  • - Constant-temperature/drying devices
  • - Concentrators
  • - Thermo-hygrostats
  • - High-temperature furnaces
  • - Industrial equipment
  • - Granulating drying equipment
  • - Plasma equipment
  • - Pure water production systems
  • - Emulsifiers, stirrers and shakers
  • - Constant-temperature water circulation systems
  • - Balances
  • - Constant-temperature baths
  • - Filters
  • - Sterilizers

Hollow Fiber Modules (Spectrum)

Spectrum Laboratories, Inc.

Spectrum Laboratories, Inc. is a world leader in membrane separation technology involved in pharmaceuticals, clinical analysis reagents, bioprocesses, and industrial research.

Dialysis Membranes (Spectrum)

Dialysis is a simple process in which small solutes diffuse from a high-concentration solution to a low-concentration solution through a semipermeable membrane until equilibrium is reached. Since the porous membrane selectively allows smaller solutes to pass while retaining larger species, dialysis can effectively be used as a separation process based on size rejection. Our extensive product lineup responds to a wide range of dialysis conditions for a variety of dialysis applications. Each product displays Molecular Weight Cut Off (MWCO) for easier comprehension of membrane separation.

Features of Dialysis Devices for Research
  • - Gentle conditions
  • - Various membrane types & MWCO
  • - Easy operation
  • - Reasonable price
  • - Supports a wide range of sample volume
  • - Disposable membranes & instruments
Main Applications
  • - Macromolecule purification
  • - Protein concentration
  • - Solute separation
  • - Removal of mixed constituents
  • - pH change
  • - Desalination
  • - Buffer replacement
  • - Binding studies
  • - Electric elution

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Dynamic Dialysis (Spectrum)

While standard static dialysis is very popular in the laboratory, Dynamic Dialysis uses flow dynamics to increase both the rate and efficiency of dialysis. Circulating the sample and/or the dialysate creates the highest-possible concentration gradient to significantly decrease dialysis time. Other benefits of the sweeping action are that it suppresses gel layer formation to prevent membrane fouling and in some situations generates a pressure differential. This supplemental driving force increases the hypo-osmotic mass transfer rate across the semi-permeable membrane and allows for sample concentration during the dialysis process. Depending on the application requirements, there are two basic sample conditions that can be utilized for different reasons or purposes in dynamic dialysis.

1. Streaming Dialysate & Static Sample
- Increased rate of dialysis
- Small volume sample
- Delicate sample
- Large volume dialysate
2. Streaming Dialysate & Streaming Sample
    (Counter-Current Dialysis)
- Maximum rate of dialysis
- Large volume sample
- Robust sample
- Large volume dialysate
Advantages of Dynamic Dialysis
  • - Rapid and efficient dialysis
  • - Eliminates need for dialysate replacement
  • - Saves valuable time
  • - Open System: dialysate goes to drain
  • - Dialysis of larger sample volumes
  • - Closed system: dialysate recirculated
  • - Flow stream prevents membrane fouling &
        maintains suspension of solutes
Main Applications
  • - Desalination or pH change
  • - Clarification and purification
  • - Plasma / serum concentration
  • - Binding studies
  • - Protein preparation
  • - Temperature-regulated dialysis
  • - Electrophoresis gels
  • - Open system & batch dialysis
  • - Antibody concentration

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Desiccators (Toyo Living)

The desiccator can maintain surprisingly low humidity.
Humidity is adjustable in the range of 0 to 50% in the cabinet in various sizes from medium (260 L) to large (1,100 L class).


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