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Laboratory Equipment

When laboratory equipment and fixtures are replaced or newly-installed, we provide total support in furnishing required items, such as laboratory tables and fume hoods.

Laboratory Tables

The laboratory table is designed with storage spaces beneath the table for general-purpose physics and chemistry equipment and devices used routinely in the laboratory, ensuring space-saving and optimal layout for researcher movement.

Draft chambers

For various types of today’s increasingly advanced and diversified laboratories, we provide well-designed spaces where researchers can work in a relaxed manner. With improved performance in terms of safety and functionality, our fume hoods meet the needs of the times, such as considerations in environmentally-friendly materials and energy-saving.

Tabletop Fume Hoods

This fume hood is ideal for laboratories with limited installation spaces, as the unit can be installed securely on a laboratory table or other locations. Materials can be chosen between aluminum and steel, depending on the user’s application. Compact fume hoods are also available for laboratories where large fume hoods are not needed.

Relocation Service System

Our relocation service system single-handedly undertakes all tasks involved in the relocation of equipment, facilities, and fixtures of laboratories, schools, and various research organizations.
This system not only simply relocates the client's valuable equipment and fixtures, but also ensures reproduction of the previous usage status at a new location in a safe, fast and reliable manner, including the status of analytical/testing equipment, facilities such as laboratory tables, fume hoods, computers, robots, and production lines, and data and specimens under study.
We also create layout plans taking into consideration the usability at a new location, to help improve research efficiency while building a safe, comfortable research environment.

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