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Plant Factories

Toyobo Engineering's Plant Factory Business helps our customers build plant factories to suit their local conditions. We respond to a wide variety of consultations and requests from customers, ranging from initial costs to exit strategies for future prospects, on the basis of the mature technology we have nurtured over the years, such as conversion of existing buildings. Other proposals and solutions include profitability simulations of plant factories, investigation of growable varieties, and cultivation of leafy vegetables and functional vegetables.

Large-scale Plant Factories

From planning to design and construction, we handle all aspects of large plant factories with daily output of 3,000 pieces of produce or more, while proposing highly efficient layouts with streamlined handling and operation processes in the factory.

Control of Clean Environments and Air Conditioning

Taking advantage of our experience and expertise in precise breeze control, creation of clean environments, construction of film factories, and design of bio facilities, we offer optimum proposals to meet our customers' specific requirements and conditions.

Production of Functional Varieties

In collaboration with universities, we are engaged in research into production technology for highly functional varieties of produce in anticipation of increasing demand in the future (consortium activities).

We are conducting research on optimum environmental factors for cultivation on the basis of test growing in our in-house laboratories and in collaboration with our corporate partners.

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