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Unique technologies and planning capabilities that support the philosophy of general engineering

Production and Distribution Facilities

The construction of production and distribution facilities functions only when a range of technologies are combined to build a total system. Possessing the latest technologies in the fields of construction, machinery, equipment, electrical, wastewater treatment, and environment, Toyobo Engineering proposes optimal systems by combining technologies developed in conjunction with the Toyobo Group.

Production facilities
- Film factories
- Biotech factories
- Food factories
- Automobile manufacturing
- Textile factories
Environmental facilities
- Environmental sanitation
- Waste collection and
treatment facilities
- Wastewater treatment

Distribution facilities
- Distribution centers
- Multi-story automated
storage and retrieval
- Cold storage warehouses
- Parking buildings

Examples of Past Projects

Production facilities
Automobile parts assembly factory Film factory
Office building Office building
Welfare facilities
Dormitory for single employees Resort facility

Conversion Business

What is conversion?
Conversion refers to using a building for a purpose other than that for which it was originally constructed. It is an architectural method that is used as a means of extending the lifetime of old buildings.
Business Activities
Planning and proposals regarding effective use of dormant buildings (spaces)
Consultation and advice regarding plans for whole/partial building renovations
Consultation and advice regarding remodeling of rental spaces and changes to business applications
Proposals for repair work in operational factories and areas where space is limited
Extension of building life through diagnosis of earthquake resistance and reinforcement work.

In addition to the services above, we also offer associated support, architectural planning, basic planning, detailed planning, and construction services.

Plant Engineering

Textile processing plants

We arrange procurement and provide guidance regarding the construction of new spinning, woven fabric, and dye processing factories and the improvement of existing factories, and have produced results particularly in South East Asia.

Synthetic textile plants

We mainly provide consultation services related to design, equipment procurement, construction instructions, operational instruction, improvement, and modification for polyester staple fiber plants. Based on the technologies the Toyobo Group has nurtured, we have delivered over twenty lines in seven countries including China and India, and have earned a good reputation.

Other plants

We also offer consulting services regarding plant planning, design, procurement, and modification, and perform design and construction work (civil engineering, installation, plumbing, electrical instrumentation, systems) associated with equipment.

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